Introduction And Vision

The human-kind has rose to form different civilizations, more often than not, these civilizations were a mirror of their geographical location and a slew of socio-economic models emanated from these civilizations. They followed their own socio-economic models, developing into nation-states, interacted and contested each other in the economic and other fields. India, originally The JambuDweep, and its economy is once more is on the rise, however, the general youth is still confused as to ‘Who We Are?’, and there are enough to fish in the troubled-waters. We cannot aspire to sell the ‘Indian Civilization’ to empty stomachs, neither can we aspire to have graduates who are virtually un-employable.

India of yesteryears was an economic giant whilst being a ‘Village Based Economy’. The historical perspective suggests that the Rural Populace had both the options, of migrating to bigger cities or to transport its products to markets which included urban, international and the village itself. This model brought ‘Sampoornta’ and ‘Samriddi’, i.e. ‘Wholesome-Fullness’ and ‘Economic Well-Being’ to our ancestors without the need to change their habitat. Keeping all this in mind and especially when we know that India in its present strength is the youngest nation in the world, our lack of responsibility towards our mother land and its people can prove fatal to our generations to come.

If we see the whole creation in its entirety, we will find that we all cannot move an inch without each other’s support. As citizens, we all knows our “Rights” however as Humans we all need to understand our “Responsibilities”. Responsibility is not an Act, it’s our attitude of our Ability to Respond to any given situation. Success may or may not come however, we all are responsible for our actions and inactions.
We at Madhav Alloys Private Limited have planned our “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) initiatives not merely as complying the provisions of law but as our moral, ethical and spiritual responsibility in “Giving Back to Society”. That is motto and Vision as well.


The company’s long-term CSR objective is to improve the quality of life of the communities through developing individual’s Skills, Education and Awareness (SEA). The whole idea of “SEA” is enabling people both in ‘Sampoornta’ and ‘Samriddi’, i.e. ‘Wholesome-Fullness’ and ‘Economic Well-Being’. For that company shall allocate at least 2% of its average net profits before taxes of the preceding three years, towards CSR activities to sustain and improve a healthy and prosperous environment and to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves. The company may also utilize its products and services as suitable for its CSR activities. Any surpluses arising out of CSR projects or programmes or activities shall be re-deployed back into CSR activities and will not form a part of the business profits of the company. The company shall positively impact and influence its employees and partners in fostering a sense of social commitment for their stakeholders.
Madhav Group’s focus areas for developmental activities will be in urban as well as rural areas in the state of Punjab where it is located at present.

The company may also support initiatives in other geographies, as approved by the CSR Committee of the Board, from time to time. While we will ensure that all communities benefit from our CSR initiatives and we would focus on those groups that are socially and economically marginalized. Whilst a large part of the CSR efforts of Madhav Group will be implemented by an in-house CSR department and the company will also partner with credible organizations – individually or as a consortium – to design, fund, implement and review projects. Partner agencies will be selected based on well-defined selection criteria.


Skill Development

Vocational Skill Training's

Under this head any type of vocational skills will be imparted to rural youth as per the village and community needs.

Soft & Emotional Skill Training’s

The company have signed a “Project Virasat” with an International organization named The Art of Living in which the rural youth will trained in its flagship program called “Youth Leadership Training Program”.

Educational Developments

1.Basic Education
  • Providing Scholarships to Brilliant Students.
  • Adopting not so Privileged Students.
  • Provide Basic Needs to School
  • Promoting Art, Music & Sports in Schools
2.Value-Based Education
  • Rural All-Round Training with Excellence Program (6-12 Yrs)
  • Rural Youth Empowerment Seminars (12-18 Yrs)
  • Rural Happiness Programs (above 18 Yrs)
  • Prison SMART Programs (For Jail Inmates)
  • PRAN (Program of Recovery of Addicts Naturally) (For Addicts in Addiction Centres)

3.Awareness Developments

Hygiene Awareness

Under this head various initiatives to make our Environment friendly will be undertaken.

Heath Awareness

Under this head various initiatives to maintain individual’s heath for Happiness will be undertaken and also conduct The Art of Living’s PRAN (Program of Recovery for Addicts Naturally) for people under Drug-Addictions.

Homes Awareness

Under this head various initiatives will be taken to make people aware about importance of having own house. The rural populace is to be made aware to reduce wasteful expenditure and invest money to build their own homes.


Under this head various activities will be planned so that despite having so much disparities/diversities still we all can exists together. We all may differ in color, caste, religion, gender and so many things, still having respect for all and follow our culture. It’s about deepening our roots and broadening our visions where we can see ONE in all and ALL in one.

Human Values

Under this head various initiatives will be taken where in masses are made aware that the core of being humans is its value system. It’s easy to become a parent and give some training or teach some skills for livelihood but kindling values like Love, Compassion, Peace is of prime importance. Awareness is needed what of type of world we want to leave behind for our generation next. A world having all comforts but is full of pollution, corruption and violence is not desirable by any human. Prioritizing Values over material comforts is need of the hour.